Born on March 2 in Corpus
Christi Texas, Licensed since 1996,
Yvonne has progressed through out
the years from being the rebel
cosmetology student to a highly
recommended hair stylist world
wide. With years of experience
working at corporate salons,
training with highly talented
International hair stylists and
expanding her education, she
finally moved into the independent
stage of her career...  

       From being a hair stylist for M
tv music videos, magazines to
traveling through out Texas,
Florida, Las Vegas, and all the way
to the Bahamas, Yvonne has been
traveling with her clients to
personally style her clients hair for
their wedding day and make sure
they have the perfect hair style for
their special day.
        If you're planning a wedding
and would like Yvonne to travel
with you please send an email for
special rates...

All hair styles on this website are done by Yvonne Marie Vaiz..
                         427 Peoples St Corpus Christi, TX 78401